The workforce of the future: Using tech to manage on-demand talent

There used to be three kinds of workers: permanent, temporary, and contract. Now there are four.

This new fourth category is expanding so fast it already makes up 25% of the world’s workforce – and is set to reach 50% as early as 2027.

Who are these new workers? They’re the on-demand workforce. From carpenters and plumbers to consultants and coders, on-demand workers offer a vast range of talents to businesses.

The growing availability of on-demand talent presents fantastic opportunities for companies who want to reach new talent or engage with workers in new ways, and also offers niche skillsets that might otherwise be difficult to access.

With the workforce as a whole becoming more flexible, employers need to be ready to roll with this trend in order to make the best use of it and to retain valuable talent. Making use of on-demand talent does come with a few pitfalls, especially in the area of compliance (IR35 has been a particular headache.)

But having the right technology at your fingertips – such as a cloud-based vendor management system (VMS) – can enable your company to make better strategic decisions and to use your contingent labour resources to the full.

An up-to-the-minute VMS gives you more flexibility and more decision-making power by enabling you to see every aspect of the situation before you make a choice. Choose one that allows you to go beyond workforce management and handle every facet of engagement with non-employees as well.