The workforce of the future: Predictions for the 2020s

Three disruptive forces are gathering momentum in the world of work: technology, demographics, and globalisation. Over the next decade, these three forces are set to have a massive impact, which we’re only just beginning to understand.

The rise of the recruitment machines has already started, with the industry embracing transformative technologies like AI and smart automation. More and more routine tasks throughout the recruitment industry will become automated.

While this might mean fewer recruitment jobs, it will also make those jobs more satisfying, with recruiters being freed up to do what they do best – focus on people, delivering service with a human touch and acting more as consultants rather than pen-pushers.

It can be argued that tech today is just as important as people, but it must always be used in service of people, freeing up human employees to connect personally with clients and build relationships. This means innovation should not only be focused on technology, but also on investing in human potential and supporting staff in their development.

Here are a few ways businesses can ride the wave of change and make these disruptive forces work for them, not against them.

Strive for balance

Don’t look at technology as a way to reduce the number of staff you employ. Instead, look at how you can augment your employees’ roles with technology and free them up to focus more on the human side. Then invest in training your people in soft skills such as empathy, creativity and ethics as well as digital skills.

Act now

Every company will have to take these changes on board eventually. You can be in the vanguard or you can bring up the rear. If you take action early, your company will already have the skills, adaptability and organisational motivation that it needs to thrive, while others are struggling to catch up.

Get used to managing an expanded workforce

The workforce of the future is going to be more mobile in every sense, so it pays to reconsider your approach to staff recruitment, development, motivation and retention. As the pace of change quickens, you may find it also pays to seek expert guidance and support to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition.